Ocean Sonnenbrille "Brasilman" shiny brown

Ocean Sonnenbrille "Brasilman" shiny brown
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Ocean Sonnenbrille "Brasilman" shiny brown - brown lens Brasilman is bent on satisfying... mehr
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Ocean Sonnenbrille "Brasilman" shiny brown - brown lens

Brasilman is bent on satisfying three passions: Quality, functionality and design. These Ocean frames won’t jump off your face if you’re going for a downplayed look. They ensure an optimal fit. They will be your best ally in sunny days providing you a clear vision and an excellent clarity protecting your eyes against UV rays. These incredible sunglasses offer a panoramic view with their large lenses. Furthermore, Brasilman´s polarized lenses filter 100% Uv rays reducing glare from sunlight reflected on a surface thanks to ATOM system.

lens w/6c cat.3 SmokeUV100% with polarized ATOM system frame Polycarbonate lightweight material strap No Best Selling product No material policarbonate lightweight

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