Sonnenbrille ION - Hype Zeiss petrol

Sonnenbrille ION - Hype Zeiss petrol
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  • SWX-203045
Hype Zeiss Set Water  ITEM NO. 48700-7514 Special Delivered with ZEISS lense:... mehr
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Hype Zeiss Set Water  ITEM NO. 48700-7514


  • Delivered with ZEISS lense:
  • Protection Index 3: ZEISS multilayer mirror green/blue, perfect shade for Water sports, 100 % UV protection, hydrophobic; for sunny conditions.
  • ZEISS lens with INTER_POL function: for perfect wind detection on the Water’s surface
  • ZEISS high quality EVS shape: for wider peripheral vision, descentred lens eliminates distortion, low % light waves invasion
  • PC lens with ZEISS Ri-Pel water repellent front and back: highly scratch and break resistant, solid lens thickness (1.8–2.0 mm)
  • Zeiss Technology

ION collaboration has brought forth a new level of excellence in water sports vision. The result is an Inter_Pol lens for perfect wind detection developed by ZEISS. ZEISS lenses are made in Italy by the legendary experts at Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens; the company that pioneered high-performance optics back in 1846. Every ZEISS lens is formed in an individual diamond-polished mold for flawless clarity and subjected to a rigorous 24-step procedure that ensures the highest performance and quality possible.

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