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BIC Kayak Yakkair Full HP 1 Aufblasbar

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BIC Kayak Yakkair Full HP 1 Aufblasbar

Art.Nr. BIC Yakkair Full HP 1

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BIC Kayak Yakkair Full HP 1 Aufblasbar

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BIC Kayak Yakkair Full HP 1 Aufblasbar

BIC Yakkair Full HP 1

The new YAKKAir Full HP 1 and 2 reveal significant advances in the design of inflatable kayaks, with a panelled structure using the new Drop Stitch technology. These high-pressure inflated, rock-solid panels, assembled around pre-formed bow and stern elements, combine to create an ultra-rigid, high-performance kayak. A new revolution in inflatables....

Test under extreme conditions
BIC Kayaks has sent a prototype of its brand new YAKKAir Full HP 1 to the AKTA expedition team so they can test it under extreme Arctic conditions.

Include accessories :
YAKKAir Full HPs come with quality fittings as standard : comfortable, ergonomic seats with high back rests to give proper back support. Strap-mounted, adjustable foot rests are the other vital element for maximum paddle comfort on your longest excursions.

YAKKAir Full HPs come with the following accessories : carry bag, high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, 1 repair kit, removable fin, 1 or 2 seats, 1 or 2 foot rests (depending on model purchased).
Sac Kayak gonflable Full HP by BIC Sport

ref : 101499

Gliding properties
Straight Line
Beginner waves
Lake/ flat water
White water

YAKKAIR FULL HP : an innovative technology
schema technologique du kayak Full HP by BIC Sport

The YAKKAir Full HP 1 and 2 are the first ever inflatable kayaks to be 100% manufactured using high-pressure Drop Stitch technology. This technique that has already proved itself in many other fields has enabled us to manufacture ultra-light, ultra-rigid, ultra-tough inflatables with performance similar to any rigid Sit-On-Top.

1- bottom floor made of Drop Stitch material
2- Side air chambers made of Drop Stitch material
3- Reinforced PVC skin on the hull

Apart from the innovative construction, the YAKKAir Full HPs have plenty of other tricks up their sleeve. The concept includes deep-V bow and stern mouldings that ensure great control and improved water-penetration. Manoeuvrability can be further optimised with a removable fin, fitted on the hull. They have superb glide and are made for easy-paddling. The narrower lateral panel sections give much more storage space inside than with the previous rounder panels. The more open cockpit design makes re-mounting much easier. And the bung at the stern makes it easy to empty after use.
Carène Kayak gonglable Full HP by BIC Sport
- Tough, durable, compact and lightweight = easy to pack and transport
- Great speed and gliding= similar to a hard-shell kayak
- Side chambers and bottom floor made of dropstitch fabric = higher strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, and abrasion resistance.
- Molded V-shaped form under bow and stern made of rigid, durable material = better tracking, easier paddling and higher speed.
- Adjustable seats provide excellent back support and comfort.
- Multiple D-rings = allow seat adjustments for one or two persons.
- Detachable large skeg = keeps kayak on a straight track while paddling.
- Large drain valves for fast and easy draining of the kayak
Technical data
Length        Width        Weight        Capacity        Max load   
410 cm        85 cm        15.5 kg        2 adultes + 1 enfant        210 kg
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