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Mystic Warrior waist women pink

Mystic Warrior waist women pink

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Mystic Warrior waist women pink

Art.Nr. Mystic women S pink

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Mystic Warrior waist women pink

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Mystic Warrior waist women pink

Mystic Hüfttrapez Warrior

Seit 2004 bietet Mystic den Warrior Harness an. Inzwischen die dritte Evolutionsstufe den WSarrior III.
Sanftere Kanten, weicheres Material und geschützte Seitenwangen mit einem neuen Bügel zeichnen das Modell 2011 aus.

Eine dickere und weichere Baseplate machen das neue 3D Rückenschild viel bequemer.

The Warrior has been the longest lasting waist harness on the market of kiteboarding.

Quality, support andown remarkable styling are all synonyms for this top product in our harness range.

The Warrior madedebut in 2004 and was followed up by the Warrior II four years later.

We now bring you the Warrior Three, which completes the trilogy of the most remarkable waist harness ever!

Softer edges, lighter materials, covered side parts, a brand new battle belt and a Mystic

This is the solution for everyone who is looking for support and comfort on the water!


You ll be still in your harness rather then squeezed in between your harness.
A thicker but more flexible plate forms the base of the force frame.
All together, freedom of movement, comfort and load distribution are set to a higher level.

Anatomical back support. With the new invented 3D backsupport is Mystic technically speaking steps ahead of the competition.
The anatomical preformed nylon backsupport is positioned inside the backpanel of the waist harness
and gives the waist harness a contoured shape in horizontal and vertical directions.

The back support is connected through the continuous 40 mm webbing of the spreaderbar.
The spread of forces is divided by the 360 degrees effect which gives maximum comfort,
support and fit without losing any feel.


BOA micro adjustment system, for

anatomical back support

3D-Thermo moulded foam interior and exterior

Ultra light

Covered side part

Soft neoprene edges

Delta shaped power rings

Spreader down system

Flex edge


Spreader protector

Battle belt waist closure

Including knife

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