Kahuna Creations Shaka Su'a Land Paddle Board 46"

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Kahuna Creations Shaka Su'a Longboard Land Paddle Board  46" Kahuna Creations ... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kahuna Creations Shaka Su'a Land Paddle Board 46""

Kahuna Creations Shaka Su'a Longboard Land Paddle Board  46"
Kahuna Creations 

46" - rasta

Shaka Su'a Longboard

Shaka Kahili delivers ultimate responsiveness and control to expert and novice riders. It is a true land padding board that delivers a sweet and forgiving ride.

Stand Up Paddleboard
Shaped to stand-up paddleboard (SUP) the street. Ride SUP stance and step back for hard-carving kick turns. The Shaka Kahili is the perfect ride for the Kahuna Stick.

Wide for Complete Control

Dominate the streets, and find your sweet spot for carving.

Rocker Shape
With a premium surfboard shape (tip and tail curve up), the Shaka Kahili will give you the thrill of riding on liquid. You'll have more security on the board and ride with smooth, buttery turns. You will have a lower your center of gravity and truly feel the ride.

You'll have ultimate control and leverage for perfect turns. This board is fully responsive and performs exactly how you desire.

Kick Tail
Turn your board instantly with the premium kick tail.

Lava Sand Grip
Gripped with Kahuna Creations' legendary lava sand grip.

Kahili Flag

Kahuna Creations pays tribute to the native Hawaiians with graphics of the Kahili flag – the original flag of Hawaii. The native flag was destroyed by the British but still waves high in the heart of Kahuna Creations.

Additional Information


46" Long

Tahitian Lava Sand


Pair of Bear Grizzly 180mm Trucks
Premium ABEC 7 Bearings
70mm Longboard Wheels (color subject to change)

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