North Flex TwinTip Bindings

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North Flex TwinTip Bindings Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our... mehr
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North Flex TwinTip Bindings

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are fully adjustable, conforming to your whole foot with no stitching or bunching. Triple-density rubberized EVA footbeds provide lightweight cushioning and maintain grip underfoot when wet. Super quick three-point connection setup ensures a customised fit, and split inner velcro straps ensure maximum comfort for all foot shapes, sizes and rider styles.
Flex adjustors
Forward sloping grip pattern
Ramped toe bar
Footpad canted inwards
Optimised strap adjustment options
Split inner velcro straps
Top loading
Standardised M6 screw hardware
6Ó screw spacing

To fit all North kiteboards. Can expand to fit 6.5Ó spacing.
M/L   S/M  
2 x Foot Straps, 2 x Foot Pads, 4 x M6x16mm screws

In stores October 2019

Code: 85003.200030
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"The Flex bindings are a complex product because the binding has to hold you, but on the other hand you don't want to get stuck. The Flex offers soft cushioning with just the right amount of grip underfoot."
– Hugh Pinfold, Director of Design and Engineering
Dynamic Flex

The design process – and the ride – is a sensory experience. It’s about how it feels. Using the very best materials, we’ve precisely engineered and refined the flex characteristics of each TwinTip board for a more dynamic and responsive high-performance ride.

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