North Fix Boot 2020

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  • SWX-198571-0001
North Fix Wake Boots Our extremely lightweight Fix Wake Boots combine simplicity and comfort... mehr
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North Fix Wake Boots

Our extremely lightweight Fix Wake Boots combine simplicity and comfort with premium technical quality. Kiteboarding-specific low-cut design with velcro tensioning allows easy one-handed entry and exit, while the hollow base plate allows the inner EVA to contact the board, giving the rider a more direct feel with huge shock absorption. Inners utilise KnitFlex neoprene for maximum comfort.
Low cut design and velcro tensioning
Extremely lightweight
KnitFlex removable inners
Hollow base plate
Neoprene flex zone

In the upper gives ultimate flexibility.
Replaceable straps
Thumb screws
Water drain holes
Durable design and materials
L   M   S   XL  
2 x Boots, 4 x M6x16mm Screws, 2 x Spare Green Top Straps

In stores October 2019
"The Fix boots feel really comfortable and have a huge amount of support as well as the flexibility to tweak it out, letting me reach the board in awkward positions. Also how soft the landings are with them is quite mind blowing."
– Jesse Richman
Never Skip a Beat

Our premier freestyle 3-strut kite will set your heart pumping. Made to excel in strong winds, and overcome whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Direct and responsive, the Pulse does exactly what you tell it to.
"Pass the handle and have the perfect landing. The Fix boots are super light - which helps keep my board really light so I can rotate faster in the air, while still feeling stability around the ankles."
– Annabel Van Westerop

Saison: 2020
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