Crazy Fly SCULP 7m2 & 9m2 Kite mit Bar

CRAZYFLY Kites Crazy Fly SCULP 7m2 & 9m2 Kite mit Bar grau / grün
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Crazy Fly SCULP 2015 9/7m2 Kite mit Bars Gebraucht he Sculp delivers consistency in all riding... mehr
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Crazy Fly SCULP 2015 9/7m2 Kite mit Bars Gebraucht

he Sculp delivers consistency in all riding disciplines. Built around a widely popular Flat-Delta platform, the Sculp is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery through the bar’s range of motion. Due to a new bridle system and rock solid construction, the Sculp has a very direct feel and persistent stability.

The focus here is freeride and freestyle, so we made the shaping give enhanced upwind performance as well. With a more direct feel, the 2015 Sculp is also very easy to control for beginner and intermediate, but the new shape generates loads of power with quick response for kite loops and big airs in the hands of more advanced riders. This is a perfect tool for progressing from simple jumps to unhooked freestyle tricks, and the improved auto-relaunch will make the learning process much smoother.

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Our Testers Say:

“Vibrant colored kite, that turns easy and fast with good upwind; although not very grunty, it was easy to turn to generate power,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Great beginner to intermediate kite which inspired confidence with good relaunch and middle of the road boosting,” Davey Beard.

“Very stable kite, flies forward in the window with good upwind ability in the 12m size, not the fastest turner and bar winders are not deep enough,” John Steimle.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Sculp is a medium aspect 3-strut freeride kite that is quick to inflate with a Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle, a single setting front bridle with pulley and three steering settings on the wingtip. Testers found the Sculp to be very stable with medium to light bar pressure with average turning speed and decent range and good upwind ability. Testers reported easy relaunching and recommended this kite for beginner and intermediate riders looking for a user-friendly kite for learning and freeride progression.

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