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  • SWX-199877-0001
Naish PIVOT High-Performance Freeride/Big Air Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 Two-time... mehr
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High-Performance Freeride/Big Air
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

Two-time King of the Air Champion, the Pivot, is unrivaled in terms of performance and versatility. It is famous for its jumping ability, incredible wave riding performance, amazing response and tight, pivoting turns. Backed by Naish’s legendary construction, the Pivot uses only the best materials available. The Pivot has a wide wind range and incredible power generation for fast riding and huge boosts. For S25 there is a new adjustment system for the bridle to give the Pivot even more range.  It was inspired by the KOTA riders who want to ride the biggest kite possible in super strong winds.  It is also beneficial for strapless wave riders who don’t need the super strong pull.  Naish’s flagship kite, the Pivot continues to lead the charge in innovation and performance.


    Massive Boosts
    Consistent Power Delivery
    Versatile Performance: Big Air, Freeride, and Surf
    Incredible Wind Range
    “Sheet-in-and-go” Feel
    Quick Relaunch


    New Bridle Adjustment Setting = More range for high winds
    Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiff & strong canopy fabric
    Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Disperses canopy flutter
    HT Plus Seam = High-tensile thread that fortifies the leading edge along the seam
    Molded Strut Ends = Reinforcements protect the struts
    Thermoformed Bumpers = Seam protection when landing and launching the kite
    Aramid Patches = Protects and reinforces the seams
    One Point Inflation System = Quick and easy inflation and deflation through 9 mm hoses
    Diagonal Load Seam = Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite
    Anti-Stiction Window = Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
    Progressive Profile = Evolving profile along the wingspan allows the center sections to generate power while flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning
    Radial Segmented Arc = Short linear segments accurately form the kites arch

Saison: 2021
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