Northkites Airstyler Pop Waist Harness - Aktion

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Northkites Airstyler Pop Waist Harness Hüfttrapez Information: The North Kitesurfing Air... mehr
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Northkites Airstyler Pop Waist Harness

The North Kitesurfing Air Styler waist harness 2015 is the flagship of the NKB harness range... The North Air Styler Kite Waist Harness offers perfect fit and comfort. Featuring an Air Cushion back padding that allows adjusting the harness to your personal comfort zone. The twister fit construction, a high-grade neoprene lining on the inside of the harness makes the harness comfortable to slip onto any material you are wearing or onto the naked skin. This means more freedom of movement, in particular when twisting the body like in wave riding, the harness will traverse around your body without con-straining your natural motion sequence. The Air Styler can be easily converted into a seat harness by using the Transformer Seat, which is available as a spare part. Simply attach the seat to the Velcro at the bottom of the harness. 

North Air Styler Twister Fit - The Twister Fit construction consists of a full neoprene liner that facilitates sliding of the harness around your body during a rotational jump or when riding backside.
North Air Styler New Valve System - The complete redesign for 2015 also includes a new valve system, using a kite single pump valve for easy inflation and deflation. The protection clip makes sure the valve does not open accidentally


  •  Inflatable Air Bladder
  •  Flexible neoprene belt construction for highest comfort
  •  Soft covered hook plate with
  •  Push Down Strap to avoid injuries and bruises
  •  Short harness hook for better bar feeling and control
  •  Attachable Transformer Seat available
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