Appletree Klokhouse Noseless Surfboard Foil Convertible

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  • SW11302
Klokhouse Noseless mit Foil Einsatz Canvertible / Schiene All the advantages of a high... mehr
Produktinformationen "Appletree Klokhouse Noseless Surfboard Foil Convertible"

Klokhouse Noseless mit Foil Einsatz Canvertible / Schiene

All the advantages of a high performance surfboard but in a smaller package
The Klockhouse Noseless is our most allround wave kiteboard. By removing the nose of the board, it becomes easier to throw around as there is less swing weight. Secondly, traveling is made easier as the boards will fit in most kite bags. The overall performance of the board is almost identical to the normal Klokhouse performance surfboard.

It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. It has the same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing. Now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings. Especially in the carbon version, the weight will be even lower than a normal PU-poly board.

Board features
The Klockhouse Noseless is based on a traditional high performance shortboard with a little added width in the middle. This to make it friendly for average surfers. It has a fair bit of rocker in the nose which is flattened out in the tail. This makes the board plane earlier and helps upwind performance. The bottom features a balanced single concave throughout which gives maximum drive

Medium to thin rails make it grip the water and give you control at high speeds which are typical when kitesurfing. The squash tail is really thin for optimal feel with the water.
This board comes in the Hex-skin Extra strength construction as standard, an even stronger version can also be ordered, but that is only recommended for very heavy footed riders.


Our standard Hex-skin Glass Kite strength + construction consists of a 50K foam core. Under the front foot there’s a large patch of 3mm honeycomb inlayed in the foam core, with fiberglass underneath. The core is then wrapped in a first layer of structural fiberglass, in a 45 degree orientation. This to keep the board as flexible as possible while making a very strong base.
The entire deck is now layered with a second thin honeycomb layer for more impact resistance. The bottom is left without honeycomb, again to maintain maximum flex. The whole board is now placed under a vacuum and with pressure, epoxy resin is forced into the fibers. This way we use minimal resin, and maximum fiber. Making the board strong yet very light weight.



Hex-skin Carbon is similar in composition to the hex-skin Glass boards. But instead of glass we use 100% carbon fibre, there is no glass hidden underneath the top layer of carbon. Using carbon makes the board lighter and it makes it stick to your feet even better. Because the board is so light, it flows over the chops a lot better than you might expect.To give the carbon boards their unique look the deck is finished with a tinted resin, that can be customised. Pick your own color or mix multiple for a truly one of a kind board.



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