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  • SW10803
50/Fifty freeride / freestyle / wakestyle 131x38.5 (junior) | 134x39 | 138x39.5 | 140x42 |... mehr
Produktinformationen "NOBILE KITEBOARD 50/Fifty 2019"


freeride / freestyle / wakestyle

131x38.5 (junior) | 134x39 | 138x39.5 | 140x42 | 143x43

WHY 50/Fifty:

Flex Engineering allowed us to design our flex according to the highest requirements, and properly adjusted parameters allowed us to feature flex and inverted flex in the board, meaning tricks can be completed quickly and safely every time. It is a classic twintip, and central positioning of the inserts gives the rider 100% certainty of completing tricks with full control, as well as promising a safe landing. Thanks to the Multi Channel bottom construction, the board is rigid and reacts quickly, while the Hydrodynamic Rocker Line guarantees great upwind performance, generates super pop and allows immediate response. Mounting wake boots to the board is also possible.


The KiteMag Ultimate Test Guide 2019: GOLD AWARD

"Exceptional all-round freestyle performance. The 50/Fifty is a do-it-all board with little compromise in any aspect of the ride. Carves exceeded the expectations of a freestyle board giving you an exceptionally dynamic ride in a variety of conditions topped off with a generous pop and smooth landings for an outstanding all-round performance."

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