North Navigator Bar 2020 Control System

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Navigator Control System Release and reload faster with the intuitive single-action reload... mehr
Produktinformationen "North Navigator Bar 2020 Control System"

Control System

Release and reload faster with the intuitive single-action reload Connect Quick Release, and change quickly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System raises the bar in kite safety, connecting you intuitively to your kite so you can think less and feel more. We've taken premium leading technology materials and applied simplified ergonomic design for precise performance with ease and comfort. Sensing your kite's position just became second nature.
Intuitive single-action reload
Toolless Interloop
Tactile offset finger bar
Low friction co-efficient materials
Integrated retractable line winder bungee
Leader line PU tubing covers
Cleated trim system
Kook-proof line connectors
Optimised TPU material
Colour-coded components

Grip, leader tubing and line retainer pull tabs give a nod to our sailing heritage, port (red) and starboard (green).
Injection-moulded soft EVA bar ends
100 % Dyneema SK99 control line
45-50cm   50-55cm  
Control Bar complete with Connect Quick Release, Standard Freeride Loop, Short Leash

In stores September 2019

Code: 85001.200020

"Simple, intuitive and refined - right down to the sound of the closure. Push and click."
– Hugh Pinfold, Director of Design and Engineering
Think Less Feel More

In designing our all new Control System we asked ourselves: how can we re-engineer and re-tune one of the most important pieces of gear in our sport? How can we craft and refine it so it feels intuitive and effortless, while performing at the highest level? Sense where your kite is in in the air, move without thinking, switch gears without losing time.

"The Navigator has a really natural fit and grip. It feels almost like the bar is holding on to you, even in super-overpowered conditions."
– Graham Howes

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