ION Vertex 2017 Hüfttrapez olive/sulphur

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  • 48702-4702olivesulphur
Vertex Kite Waist Harnesses ITEM NO. 48702-4702   KEY FEATURES Downforce: Enables twisting... mehr
Produktinformationen "ION Vertex 2017 Hüfttrapez olive/sulphur"
Vertex Kite Waist Harnesses

ITEM NO. 48702-4702

Downforce: Enables twisting motions but prevents the harness from riding up

3D Contour Shape: Premium comfort and support

Internal Flex Belt: An internal belt structure that offers freedom of movement and keeps your harness in place when riding unhooked.

  • 46/XS
  • 48/S
  • 50/M
  • 52/L
  • 54/XL

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Line Concept

The name VERTEX stands for 'Pro Approved Technology,' and represents a perfect fit and outstanding support for experienced riders. The ultimate wave shredding companion offers more freedom of movement than ever before thanks to its slimmer outline and extended soft foam edge.
  • Extended Soft_Edge
  • Cross_Link
  • Torsion Free Construction
  • Wrap_Tec
  • HPL_Slider
  • Push Button Spreader Bar
  • Belt Garage
  • Bar Keeper Belt
  • Kite Knife
  • Pro_Pad
  • Split_Edge
  • Internal Flex Belt
  • Downforce
  • KEY 3D Countour Shape
  • KEY X_Spine
  • Invisible_Seam
  • Extended Soft_Edge

A new, extended soft edge that bends sideways at the hips and ribs for a more forgiving feel, enhanced by a special foam padding.

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