1 Wainman Hawaii, Rabbit, Bunny 5m2, gebraucht

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  • WainmanHawaiiRabbitBunny5m2kom
Wainman HawaiiRabbit 2 5m2 Bunny Kite Reserviere Dir aber schon heute deinen Refrashed... mehr
Produktinformationen "1 Wainman Hawaii, Rabbit, Bunny 5m2, gebraucht"

Wainman HawaiiRabbit 2
5m2 Bunny Kite

Reserviere Dir aber schon heute deinen Refrashed Rabbit.

Alle WAINMAN HAWAII-Kites verfügen über:

nur 3 Struts für weniger Luftwiderstand
Frontline Bridle-System sorgt immer für die richtige Position im Windfenster
3 Anknüpfpunkte um den Kite schneller oder langsamer zu tunen
4 weitere Möglichkeiten die Steuerleinen anzuknüpfen
geringe Barkräfte bei super Feedback
lineares DePower, sobald Du die Bar loslässt verliert der Kite völlig an Zug

You remember that kid that was shorter than a chair last time you saw him?
Gues what now that kid is flying way above everybody.
He happens to be the absoulte superhero.
And poeple already started to say it is better to know him closer.

The Bunny: small in stature but huge in power and maneuverability,
you need him in your quiver if you want to ride when the wind is nuking.
Yeah, the wind is whipping and all the big dogs are beached,
the Bunny is out eating up gusts cause that s how he roles.

With his stability and responsiveness, this member of the Rabbit Gang
is a wave rider s dream in strong winds and is the absolute must to have for all small riders.
Rabbit Gang`s secret weapon The Bunny, a 5m Rabbit.

Never turn your back on The Bunny.


5m of Superpowerspreassembled on the V bridalsspare set of Single bridals for direct feelRabbit Tuning System

S size comes as a stockmultiple new safety connections100% custom elementssafety leash


comfor smart back packcarrot pocket for inflated strutswaterproof front pocketinner bag for protection light travels

adhesive cloths for canopy repairsadhesive patches for bladder repairsPU patches glue for bladder repairs2x pigtails for bridal trimming

X large size for quick inflationalloy pump rod high qualitythe leash and wide stream air hose

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