Appletree Lukes Leaf

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  • SWX-199561-0001
Luke Mc Gillewie no-nonsense freestyle killer Geben Sie Ihre Farbwunsch bei der Bestellung an... mehr
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Luke Mc Gillewie no-nonsense freestyle killer

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Luke designed this model to suit most of his riding freestyle and in waves. Around his home in Cape Town and during his travels around the world. It is a no-nonsense design, just a perfectly tuned combination of outline, rocker and bottom contour. The board feels very reliable under feet and the almost identical outline of the tail and nose makes lading reverse very easy. Speaking off the nose, this is thinned out and hides quite a bit of bottom rocker to prevent the board from diving. Overall the board is small, and therefore lighter than most other boards of similar volume, perfect for those big airs.

Board details

There is quite a bit of hidden volume in the LUKE, so you can ride it very short. Luke’s personally rides the board in just 4’11” The idea is to make the board light so it travels with you through the air. The boards profile also makes it very strong. A thicker middle section and the lack of channels or grab rails give the board more strength. You will have to do your absolute best to break a board like this especially combined with Appletree’s exclusive hex-skin construction.


Luke’s Leaf will need a bit of power to get going, the small template give less upward pressure than other boards. So as a beginner rider in strapless freestyle, other models might be more suitable. Advanced riders will love the response and pop the Luke’s Leaf provides. Sticking new tricks from day one!

Both the Hex-skin Glass as well as the Hex-skin Carbon versions are extremely strong. The Carbon version is quite a bit lighter and carbon naturally has a quicker response and better pop of the waters surface. The Glass version is heavier, still very strong and with a softer more comfortable flex to dampen chop. Whichever construction you go, the Luke’s Leaf will get propel you to new hights! This board comes in the Hex-skin Extra strength construction as standard, an even stronger version can also be ordered, but that is only recommended for very heavy footed riders.


Our standard Hex-skin Glass Kite strength + construction consists of a 50K foam core. Under the front foot there’s a large patch of 3mm honeycomb inlayed in the foam core, with fiberglass underneath. The core is then wrapped in a first layer of structural fiberglass, in a 45 degree orientation. This to keep the board as flexible as possible while making a very strong base.
The entire deck is now layered with a second thin honeycomb layer for more impact resistance. The bottom is left without honeycomb, again to maintain maximum flex. The whole board is now placed under a vacuum and with pressure, epoxy resin is forced into the fibers. This way we use minimal resin, and maximum fiber. Making the board strong yet very light weight.



Hex-skin Carbon is similar in composition to the hex-skin Glass boards. But instead of glass we use 100% carbon fibre, there is no glass hidden underneath the top layer of carbon. Using carbon makes the board lighter and it makes it stick to your feet even better. Because the board is so light, it flows over the chops a lot better than you might expect.To give the carbon boards their unique look the deck is finished with a tinted resin, that can be customised. Pick your own color or mix multiple for a truly one of a kind board.



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