Manera Magma Boots 5mm

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Manera Magma Boots 5mm Flexibility 85 % Warmth 100 % Comfort 100... mehr
Produktinformationen "Manera Magma Boots 5mm"

Manera Magma Boots 5mm

  • Flexibility 85%
  • Warmth 100%
  • Comfort 100%

Infos & Characteristics

The Magma boots are made for cold and windy winter days.
Their Magma+ fleece acts both as an insulator and heat generator, and its fast-drying time prevents bad smells.

Most of us delay the “boots time” as much as possible: We feel like we lose the board feeling, we’re less precise, our feet slide inside… Many reasons that pushed us to design our own range.

We offer boots for those who don’t like boots: They keep you warm and comfy, but they are made to be forgotten once in the water while still offering great foot support.

Material: Neopren
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