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FLITE A-SERIES LIGHTWIND FREERIDE Forget compromise. The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a... mehr
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Forget compromise.

The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased wind speeds.

The extreme light weight, combined with the stiff yet reactive ALUULA airframe technology, means larger kites become supercharged, allowing performance levels to increase exponentially.

To further build on the enhancements provided by ALUULA, we have fine-tuned all our light wind manufacturing techniques and components, with the Flite Ultra Lite canopy using proven D2 double ripstop from Teijin.

Incredibly responsive, the A-Series Flite excels in all riding styles and with whichever board you are riding.

The days of compromise are over. The A-Series Flite is the world’s lightest, strongest, and highest performing light wind kite!



Because a lighter kite means a better ride.

ALUULA, an ultra-light, ultra-strong and stable composite material, not only improves light wind performance but also increases handling, stability and flying performance in all wind conditions. This makes an ALUULA kite more efficient than a standard kite, performing better in all respects, including speed through the air, turning speed and light wind stability.



ALUULA Composites are  a new innovative, ultra strong, lineup of materials that are highly tear resistant, stretch resistant and easy to fabricate into a multitude of products. These ultra-light materials offers us the ability to tune our kites  to the perfect balance of weight and strength.
The A-Series Kites use a blend of 78 to 82 grams per square meter (gsm) composite, versus the industry standard Dacrons that range in weight from 155 to 165gsm. This cuts our airframe weights in half, drastically reducing the weight of the kites and improving lightwind performance. The increased strength and reduced stretch have also allowed us to reduce leading edge and strut diameters, reducing weight even further.

Why do you need the lightest kites on the market?

Better for freeride, freestyle and surf riders. With more response in all departments and in all conditions, you’ll enjoy faster snaps, loftier hangtime, better drift and the confidence to ride even when conditions are marginal.    Better for boosting and hangtime. With a kite that’s half the weight and has a stronger airframe, you have a confidence-inspiring boosting machine. You can also generate power on both your down and upstroke… Something that was unheard of in kite performance until now.
Better wind range. Because the kite is 3-struts, and yet as light as some no-strut kites, the same kite will deliver rock-solid performance and stability at the top end of the wind range, as well as in extreme light wind.
Better relaunch. Simply pumping one back line will cause the airframe’s stiffer flex to work the kite out onto one wing tip, and into the air. The A-Series kites are easier to reverse launch in light winds too.
Better for learning. You’ll find your level improves immediately with an A-Series kite. Flying the kite is easier during all manoeuvres as, due to the lighter weight, an ALUULA kite resists both flying too far forward, and back stalling.
Better for travel. When two A-Series kites weigh the same as one traditional kite, it’s a no-brainer… More kites on your trips means more time in the water.

We’re super stoked that Aluula Composites – the company we’re working so closely with on our new range of super light Aluula air frame kites – recently won the Best Product category at the 2020 ISPO trade show in Munich, Germany.

Selected from over 500 entries, Aluula Gold won in the Soft Equipment category of the ISPO Textrends 2021/2022 awards. This marked Aluula’s first-ever trade show, and it’s great to see them being recognized for the benefits of this ground-breaking new material and its future potential, not least in our incoming range of kites, which are already blowing minds as they pop up at test locations around the world…

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