Manera SEAFARER Steamer Backzip - 5.3 2021

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Manera  SEAFARER Steamer Backzip - 5.3 Flexibility 90% Warmth 80% Comfort 95% Infos &... mehr
Produktinformationen "Manera SEAFARER Steamer Backzip - 5.3 2021"

Manera  SEAFARER Steamer Backzip - 5.3

Flexibility 90%
Warmth 80%
Comfort 95%

Infos & Characteristics
The 5.3mm SEAFARER will provide everything you’re looking for in a reliable winter partner. The backzip offers a great flexibility on the chest, very appreciated when moving your upper body.

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It's a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction.
If you are looking for a high-performance wetsuit at an affordable price, this is the right choice.

Bring an end to frozen and frustrated sessions.


When the industry standard is to develop 2D patterns and try to fit it on a 3D body, we decided to break new ground and take the opposite direction. We use computer design to model good-fitted wetsuits in 3D, then we employ an innovative software that converts it into a precise 2D pattern for the factory.

It creates a natural, second-skin fit that makes the MANERA wetsuits stand out.


Warmth: No water entry, no air pocket.
Durability: The neoprene is only stretched when moving.
Comfort: No over tight areas, comfortable armpits/crotch.
Style: Folds will never be fashionable.

 Back to back Zip

Our backzip models are built with the same material, constructions and technologies as the frontzip ones. The fit is also the same, so basically only the entry system is different.The backzip got out of fashion recently, although it offers a great flexibility on the chest, very appreciated when holding a kite bar or paddling for a wave.

We use a PK 8mm zip built in high quality nylon, it is a short zip (30cm) in order to maximize the back flexibility.
An inside flap covers the back and goes around the neck, it protects the back from the outside zipper and allows a perfect waterproofness. It also adds a few millimeters of thickness to an area that is very exposed to wind.

Sealing prints
Sealing prints make the ankles and wrists stiffer. It has a joint role that keeps the water away and maintains the arms and legs panels in place.

Strategic structure
Some areas are very sensitive to friction, tensions and tearing. All MANERA wetsuits have been designed with a demanding brief including:
. Avoiding seams in tensions area, to maximize flexibility and strength.
. Making sure the seams are stretched vertically and not sideways.
. Removing seams from friction areas, which avoids rash and increases stretch capacity.
. Reinforcing strategic parts and panels right where it needs to be.

Fusion cut
The different neoprene layers are fused on the tips of arms and legs to make it thinner and more aesthetic. It protects the inside neoprene foam (AIR FOAM) by covering it.

MANERA wetsuits use a new process to bring more durability, waterproofness and flexibility.

GBS Seams
The neoprene layers are glued together and then "blind-stitched" (the needle does not go through the neoprene layer completely). In addition to being 100% waterproof, this type of stitching offers a high level of flexibility.

oofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.

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