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ION - Strike Select Semidry 4,5/3,5 2017

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ION - Strike Select Semidry 4,5/3,5 2017 Double Lined Logo GBS + Power Seam Sanitized... mehr
Produktinformationen "ION - Strike Select Semidry 4,5/3,5 2017"
ION - Strike Select Semidry 4,5/3,5 2017
  • Double Lined
  • Logo GBS + Power Seam
  • Sanitized
Strike Select Semidry 5,5/4,5 DLblack/red

KEY Ward off the Windchill: Shelter your torso in howling storms.

Toasty Warm: The quick drying Plasma_Plush lining and Seal_Tight feature.

Optimum Flex: Limitless movement thanks to the Sweep_Cut and Single_Seam legs.

Protection: Power_Seam for your suit. Crash_Padz for your body.

Sizes normal
  • 46/XS
  • 48/S
  • 50/M
  • 52/L
  • 54/XL
  • 56/XXL

The main purpose of the Select is warmth! Perfectly accomplished with upper body windchill protection for your torso, as well as the quick drying and warm Plasma_Plush lining. We sacrificed the Ninja_Knee and Ninja_Spine feature for more heat retention. The red coloured legs with the red Power_Seam make this suit very unique but not overdone.
Target Group

Core riders across all watersports, but more specifically wind sports addicts who need extra protection against tailwinds and a premium suit to match their dynamic personality.

  • - Sweep Cut for more freedom of movement
  • - Windchill protection at torso

- Abrasion resistant Supra_Tex knee panels
Inside View
Strike Select Semidry 5,5/4,5 DL - Inside View

Sanitized® is a certified antibacterial fabric with active biocidal substance: zinc pyrithion treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. in moist or sweaty environments. This function is permanently integrated in selected ION items such as premium wetsuits, boots and shoes.

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