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Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 ITEM NO. 48202-4467 Fit TIGHT FIT Line Concept Increase your performance... mehr
Produktinformationen "ION - Onyx Amp (frontzip) Semidry DL 2020 Neopren"

Onyx Amp
Semidry 4/3
ITEM NO. 48202-4467


Line Concept

Increase your performance with the Onyx Amp's perfect composition between stretch and warmth. The secret for optimal heat retention lies in ION's proven flexible inside lining called Hot_Stuff 2.0 in combination with toasty warm Plasma_Plush 2.0 on the back panel. I_foam neoprene foam traps more insolating air thanks to a neew structure which contributes to better heat retention and flexibility. In spots without thermo lining, super soft Silk_Stuff increases next-to-skin comfort to the max. The result: Your perfect everyday wetsuit, no matter which conditions you will face today. Thanks to the front zip design, there's nothing to interfere with your paddle power.
Target Group

The all-rounder with a classic tight fit for all water sports athletes looking for a wetsuit that meets their ambitious demands on performance, stretch and freedom of movement.

7°C - 12°C 45°F - 54°F

Toasty Warm Quick drying Plasma_Plush 2.0 combined with Hot_Stuff 2.0 for the best combination of warmth and stretch.

Epic Stretch Limitless movement thanks to less panels and our stretchiest lining Hot_Stuff 2.0.

Maki_Tape 2.0 GBS Seams and taping only where needed to keep the great flex.

Minimal Panel Design Sweep_Cut and a continuous panel on front and back are the reason why this suit feels like a second skin.
Flex Factor     5 point
Heat Factor     3 point
Windchill Factor     2 point
Price level     3 point

80% Neoprene / 20% Nylon

  • 46/XS
  • 48/S
  • 50/M
  • 52/L
  • 54/XL
  • 56/XXL
  • 094/ST
  • 098/MT
  • 102/LT
  • 106/XLT
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