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Lucifer Burn water. Four layers of insulation, each with a specific purpose, keep the Lucifer... mehr
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Burn water.

Four layers of insulation, each with a specific purpose, keep the Lucifer windproof, waterproof, and breathable. It looks like a smoking two-piece but is actually one, joined in the middle. Your harness fits inside the suit – out of sight and out of mind. And for those extra long sessions there is a “Pee-Zip” that lets you go when you gotta go. Lucifer started a dry suit revolution and redefined the category, winning the coveted Red Dot design award in the process.
4-Skin Fabric
 Heavy-duty engineered fabric consisting of four layers to keep you dry and protected.
extremely wind and water-proof
moisture permeable
durable water repellency
comfortable next to skin
More detail
Dry Zip at Crotch
The ‘Pee-Zip’ is a dry zip at the crotch because the designers at NP know that you cannot pee in your dry suit.
Fully Taped and Sealed
Waterproof tape used on all seams and specific latex seals to prevent the water from getting in.
Harness Hook Front Slits
The front of the jacket has two reinforced holes so the harness goes under the jacket like in snow kiting.

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