Mystic - Neopren Majestic Fullsuit 4/3 FrontZip

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Mystic - Neopren Majestic Fullsuit 4/3 FrontZip   Warm and flexible The Majestic line... mehr
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Mystic - Neopren Majestic Fullsuit 4/3 FrontZip
Warm and flexible

The Majestic line wetsuits from Mystic have been praised for years by its good freedom of movement and good fit. The Majestic has a zipper on the front so it closes really well while kitesurfing. In addition, this gives you more room to move freely. Although it's a bit more difficult to get it on compared to a back zip wetsuit. The angle of the zipper has been adjusted for an even better access. The construction with the zipper on the front offers more flex in the upper body and ensures that less water can get into the suit, to keep you nice and warm.

The Majestic-series wetsuits are packed with great features. It includes 100% M-Flex 2.0 and waterproof stretch tape, a very durable taping used in the suit to prevent leaks and keep the suit flexible and warm. The new Majestic 4/3 Front Zip 2018 is super comfortable. The Majestic wetsuit really feels like a second skin. It has 4/3mm thick neoprene. This means that it is suitable for temperature between approximately 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The suit is equipped with a polar lining; a soft-feeling lining that reflects the body heat and ensures that you stay warm a lot longer. A delicious mid-season wetsuit with the Mystic quality.


  •     GBS seams (glued blind stitched)
  •     Waterproof stretch taping on the inside
  •     Mesh neoprene rear panel
  •     Smooth Mystic zipper
  •     Glideskin thin neck construction
  •     Aquabarrier
  •     4-way stretch knee pads
  •     Velcro closure
  •     Anti-slip cuffs
  •     Key pocket
  •     Aquaflush
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