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ION - NEO - Fuse Drysuit 2017 4/3 DL

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KEY FEATURES Superior Warmth: Fuse out the cold with the warmest wetsuit on the planet. Dry:... mehr
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Superior Warmth: Fuse out the cold with the warmest wetsuit on the planet.

Dry: Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and 100% waterproof tested.

Safety: Bright, eye catching colours, Re-Flective prints and the loudest Storm_Whistle

Comfort: Slip in and out with ease thanks to its roomy fit.

Fuse Drysuit

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Line Concept

Built to conquer even the fiercest of sub zero temperatures, the FUSE is the warmest Dry Suit on the market. After warmth, safety is our primary concern so we combine features such as the Storm_Whistle and Re_Flective prints so you can go fourth and ride confidently. The FUSE also features a Detachable_Hood incase you'd prefer to wear a warm beanie, while the built in Hero_Meter will keep you up-to-date with temperatures. New this year is the abrasion resistant Supratex_Buttock for an extend lifespan. The final touch is the rigorous testing of the water proof Diving Drysuit Seams each suit must surpass before leaving the factory. Come wind or waves you're guaranteed to get your adrenaline fix no matter what.
Target Group

Those riders who mean business and won't let plummeting temperatures get in their way.

- By using V-Foam for the entire suit we saved about 300gr of weight when dry.

- Only plastic parts are used for the revised detachable hood in order to avoid the 'Push' buttons getting stuck when corroded.

- A revised cut of the arms results in a better fit overall.

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