Earth SUP Nova Torre 10x 33

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  • EarthSUPNovaTorre10x33
Earth SUP TORRE 10’ x 33’’   Length : 305 cm / 10’0’’ 84 cm / 33’’ Weight :   ... mehr
Produktinformationen "Earth SUP Nova Torre 10x 33"
Earth SUP TORRE 10’ x 33’’
Length : 305 cm / 10’0’’ 84 cm / 33’’ Weight :     11 kg / 24.25 lbs Volume : 195 L
US Box : Composite wood
Shaper :     Patrice Remoiville


Naturally durable, light weight and beautiful
Paulownia is a tropical tree that is ideal for those looking to source a renewable,
natural material for production. Fast-growing, it re-crops quickly, has a dense
root structure to help stabilize soil and reduce erosion and grows well in
fre-damaged forest zones. Its large, dense leaves rapidly create a rich
foor loam after leaf drop. Its light, straight structure and resistance
to water or resin absorption makes it a favorite among airplane
and boat builders. Tese characteristics make it an ecologically
sound and material with ideal mechanical properties for the
production of light weight, highly durable SUPs.

In Western Europe fax is cultivated  along a coastal band stretching across
southern Normandy to Northern France.  Modern growers have by and large keptto the ancient methods in producing the high quality fax that now serves as
the  base for developing tough, durable fbers for industrial applications. Te excellence of their product stems from a unique
combination of damp ocean climate, rich soil and a highly prized understanding     of historic techniques handed down through
Advantages of Flax Fiber:
- Natural, bio-degradable material
- Low energy consumption in production  - Not afected by UV exposure
- 40% lighter than fberglass fber  - Excellent resistance to fexion
- Absorbs vibration
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