SIC MAUI RS 14'0 x 26 SCC

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  • SWX-203158
SIC MAUI RS 14'0 x 26" Ref. 102063 Short for “Rocket Ship,” the RS Series is proving to be one... mehr
Produktinformationen "SIC MAUI RS 14'0 x 26 SCC"

SIC MAUI RS 14'0 x 26"
Ref. 102063

Short for “Rocket Ship,” the RS Series is proving to be one of fastest all-water race boards in the world. We have developed and tested these shapes starting at Pacific Paddle Games 2016 and have made countless prototypes, refining and honing in on the perfect design characteristics. In 2017 all the R&D culminated into final prototypes that would be put to the test in technical, long distance, sprint, and downwind races in order to validate that the RS is one of the fastest, most well rounded, all water race boards in the world. This board has been a top finisher against the world’s elite paddlers in races such as the Olukai, Association of Paddlesurf Professionals Tour - Ho’okipa Beach on Maui, the Carolina Cup and on The Euro Tour. These boards have been tested more than any other race board in SIC’s history. The RS has proven to be race ready and will surely take you to the top of your game and the front of the pack.

  • length  14.0
  • width   26"
  • Weight 26 lbs 
  • Volume 306 L
  • technology  SCC+

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Zustand: Gebraucht, Neu
Style: Race, Touring / Cruising
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