Starboard Touring Tikhine 2020 - Aufblasbar Gebraucht von unserer Station

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  • SWX-199565-0001
Starboard Touring Inflatable  “Everything an inflatable touring paddle... mehr
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Starboard TouringInflatable

 “Everything an inflatable touring paddle board should be.”

~ SUPBoarder Magazine

“This paddle board is packed with more features and manufacturing finesse than you can imagine.”

~ German SUP magazine

 The overall balanced glide experience and Deluxe features are what have made Starboard’s Touring boards become the world’s highest-rated by magazines and happy customers worldwide.
The narrow nose helps to shed water and makes you feel that ultimate glide sensation. The straighter midsection improves board stability and with the wider tail, you can step back more easily to perform a steady and balanced turn. Experience the Starboard difference even before entering the water, these lightweight paddle boards feature the trademark Starboard shoulder carry strap which allows you to effortlessly carry it to the water, with both hands-free!

Before you get on board, you can secure yourself with the included flat lightweight leash, paddle safely and comfortably knowing your board is a life raft. The Deluxe Double Chamber model even has a water bottle with a patented magnetic self-attaching attachment innovation. Thinking about double chambers, Starboard invented and introduced this stiffening and security concept back in 2014.

Join Bart De Zwart in his board of choice, the legendary ultra-long distant paddler and Guinness world record holder who explores the world through Stand Up Paddle Board.
Read more about Bart’s trips to Vanuatu here >

  11’6? x 29?

The Woven Dropstitch is lighter, less stretchy and more responsive. Our paddle boards are Better in every way.

We use this technology in our DDC and DSC constructions.

Learn more about Woven dropstitch >

The Linear Dropstitch. has no biax component. Hence, it's more responsive, lighter and stiffer. Developed by Starboard and our supplier, for Starboard use ONLY

We use this technology in our Zen construction

Learn more about Linear dropstitch >

Our rails are welded together. This mechanical bond doubles the lifespan of our boards. Bonded for life.

ikhine Art Options


• Built in Deluxe Single Chamber construction.

• 2 Tikhine design options available:

• Tikhine Sun available on 11’6? x 29?

• Designed by world’s SUP champion and artist, Sonni Honscheid.


NEW 2in1 Shoulder Carry Strap


• NEW velcro loop to attach your paddle.

• Easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder and free up your hand to multi-task, hold your coffee, or phone.

• When not in use, the bungee sits flat on the board so it doesn’t drag in the water.

(Not available with Zen construction)


• With only the best core essentials. Built with single layer LINEAR dropstitch and heat welded rails, making it even stronger and stiffer than before.

• New toolless fin system is quick and easy to set up.


11’6? x 29? TOURING

Length: 11’6? / 351 cm

Width: 29? / 74 cm

Suited for riders up to 70kg, the 11’6? is lighter to carry and easier to turn. Fast glide from the width, keeping stability thanks to the wide nose and tail.

Available constructions:

• Deluxe Double Chamber

• Deluxe Single Chamber

• Tikhine

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Bauart: Aufblasbar
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