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Kahuna Creations Bombora 59" - blue

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  • Bombora59-blue
Kahuna Creations  Bombora 59" - blue Quick Overview Epic longboard to paddleboard the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kahuna Creations Bombora 59" - blue"
Kahuna Creations  Bombora 59" - blue

Quick Overview

Epic longboard to paddleboard the street.
Greatest stability.


Made in San Diego, California.

Specifically designed for stand-up paddling the street. Performs like nothing else on the market.

What it is:

• An incredible 4' 11" long and 14" wide

• The absolute most stable ride

• Only 17 lbs

• Strength from its 100% Baltic Birch

• Ideal for stand-up paddle cross training

• Stable, surf shape that is crazy fun to ride

• Painted pin striping for incredible, beautiful finish

• Deep, wide Kahuna Wheel Wells to eliminate wheel bite

 These boards are the absolute top of the line and amazing for all rider types. The most advanced riders love the thrill this monumental board brings, and beginners are stoked by its unbelievable stability.

Additional Information


59" Long

Flat - Wheel Wells

100% Baltic Birch

Pair of Bear Grizzly 180mm Trucks
 Premium Bearings
 70mm Longboard Wheels (color subject to change) 
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