Mistral SUP SLIPSTREAM 'PRO' 12’6” 2017

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Slipstream 12'6 - Technical Racer SLIPSTREAM BY NAME AND NATURE The Slipstream is without doubt,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mistral SUP SLIPSTREAM 'PRO' 12’6” 2017"
Slipstream 12'6 - Technical Racer

The Slipstream is without doubt, one of the smoothest and easiest 12'6 boards on the market to paddle - and it's quick.
It has already won races in the USA, including the 30 mile plus Chatterjack race in the hands of our team rider Seychelle.
12’6’ boards are the domain of technical performance, where there are very mixed demands placed on the board to perform in flat water, through shore break and to make hard turns under control. We’ve set out to combine and take these factors into consideration. Not for 'heavy' paddlers, the 12'6 board performs best for light to medium weight riders. Favoured by many women and lighter weight men, the 12'6 can often be a faster option than a 14' board, given certain strength to weight considerations, where their is less board to have to 'muscle' over the water.
The bow and combined displaced hull area, give this board and its longer sister board the Vortex, the same reversed bow wake, which is minimal and in typical torpedo fashion, the bow is designed to 'split' the water and create a pressure wave, which forms a form of vacuum area, so as the drag is highly reduced. Unlike many designs, where you may experience 'diminished return on output', on this board design, the more you put in, the more you get out. Another strong feature of this board, is that the 'sweet-spot' in which the paddle can stand to trim the board in differing circumstances, are many and varied all due to the clever design and consistency of volume.


SLIPSTREAM 'PRO' 12’6” x 23.4" x 20.5lbs (384.50cm x 59.43cm x 9.3kgs)
Optimum for paddlers up to 175lbs (80kgs)
Key features:
SLIPSTREAM 12’6” x 26" x 20.5lbs (384.50cm x 66cm x 9.3kgs)
Optimum for paddlers up to and over 175lbs (85kgs) with added stability
  • Carbon PVC Layup
  • Leash plug
  • Central US fin box (fin not included)
  • Central carry handle
  • Nose side grab handles

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