Oxbow Glide 12.6 x 27 Lady Touring / Race

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  • Oxbow12.6x27
All-Condition Touring Boards with a Race Pedigree Launched in 2017 and lauded for their... mehr
Produktinformationen "Oxbow Glide 12.6 x 27 Lady Touring / Race"

All-Condition Touring Boards with a Race Pedigree

Launched in 2017 and lauded for their impressive performance, smooth feel on the water and eye-catching graphics, the Glide series has been updated to improve speed and glide as well as comfort and stability.
The flat section under foot has been extended forward towards the nose to improve stability while a lower profile piercing nose increases efficiency by smoothly parting the water on entry. A squared off ‘chisel’ shaped tail reduces drag and the standing area was revised to more efficiently shed water. Deck attachment points make it easy to secure extra gear for extended trips.

Race / Touring

Key Features
Ultimate touring boards for flatwater cruising and expedition paddling.
Authentic Bamboo sandwich construction for durability, lightweight and a beautiful aesthetic.
Deck attachment points (5x nose + 5x tail) for securing gear and accessories.
Embossed EVA deck pad for added traction and comfort.
Ergonomic carry handle for ease of transport.

Glide Series :
Touring Perfection

The Glide series, featuring our authentic bamboo construction, looks as good as the designs performs. Excellent glide and stability combine to deliver smooth performance for touring your local waterway or setting out on more exciting day trips or multi-day expeditions. Available in two widths in the 12’6 size (27” & 29”) as well as a 14’ x 28” version for longer excursions.

Oxbow SUP

Oxbow calls to mind images of constant movement and glide, common to many board sports businesses. It’s a name taken from nature, one of the Oxbow’s core and founding values. Born in the mid-80s in Normandy, France, the company set about to create an off-the-wall style, surfing the wave of windsurf popularity when it was THE big new board sport. Around the same time, BIC Sport was riding the same wave, becoming the biggest manufacturer of windsurf boards in the world. It is the era of pastel tones, flashy colours and bleached hair.... In both companies, and among the riders who represented them, there was the same bubbling-over of ideas and styles that singled out this generation of windsurf fanatics.

The 90s brought with them a new business cycle and diversification into other emerging sports. Brittany-based BIC Sport started producing surf products, with the longboards that brought tens of thousands of new participants to an activity that became as much a way of life as a sport. And at the same period, Oxbow moved its business down to south-west France to be nearer the legendary surf spots of the Basque/Atlantic coast. They became an integral part of the longboard scene and pioneers for many other extreme sports. Over the following years, Oxbow moved into fields as varied as snowboard and moto-cross, while BIC Sport was consolidating its hold on the windsurf and surf markets, devising new sporting applications for both activities. It was the beginning of the «cross-over» period that board sport fans still identify with to this day.
The end of the 2000s have been marked by the emergence and incredible growth of Stand Up Paddle, a new sport born from the convergence of these waves of enthusiasm. BIC Sport has put its immense understanding into creating a comprehensive range of innovative SUP boards, while Oxbow has lent its support and experience to the top riders and events that have given visibility and structure to the new sport.
Oxbow SUP story by BC Sport

As the destinies of these two French market leaders have evolved, you can see the same values, the same passion and the same stability in the ever-changing and bubbling world of board sports. That they might choose to combine their forces now seems completely logical. From this exciting collaboration will come a whole new range of Stand Up Paddle products, proudly manufactured in France* by BIC Sport and carrying the pioneering colours of the Oxbow brand. An alliance that will bring a global identity to the sport and its enthusiasts, with a range of products running from boards and paddles to the textiles and accessories associated with sport and lifestyle.
Who knows what the next big thing in boards sports will be? But one thing is certain: BIC Sport and Oxbow are henceforth combining their forces to enable you to enjoy Stand Up Paddle to the max and discover the magic of board riding, harnessing the beauty and power of nature to the very best of products and performance.
*All ACE-TEC Oxbow Stand Up paddle boards are made in France.

  • Longueur 12'6 / 14 / 12'6
  • Largeur 29' / 28' / 27'
  • Volume 280L / 298L / 240L
  • Weight / Poids 13.5kg / 14.5kg / 12.1kg
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