SIC MAUI Bullet AIR 11.4x30

SIC MAUI Bullet AIR 11.4x30
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  • SICReconAir11.4
SIC MAUI Bullet AIR 11.4x30 These classic long board style, all around surf / fitness boards will... mehr
Produktinformationen "SIC MAUI Bullet AIR 11.4x30"
SIC MAUI Bullet AIR 11.4x30
These classic long board style, all around surf / fitness boards will please you with their performance and will be a hit with the whole family. Higher performance than the TAO Surf and TAO Fit, they feature the FST and DSW, flex less than the standard DSC in the chop and carry more speed in the surf. Performance does not preclude you from having fun, the kids can jump, crash and drop these boards without the worry of spending your vacation repairing the board. If you do puncture the board it comes complete with a quick and easy-to-use repair kit. The Recons are a nice blend of stability and agility. The 6” DSC offers great buoyancy for its overall size. These boards can accommodate a huge weight range and can be handled by small kids and Big Kahuna alike. The boards are rated at 15 psi and with Fusion Skin these boards have one of the stiffest overall flex without having to pump it to 20+ psi.
  • (DST) Dyneema stringer technology
  • Ultra durable single layer PVC tarpaulin skin
  • Double reinforced rail construction
  • High pressure drop stitch construction (DSC) core
  • Two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (10 psi min. to 15 psi max)
  • Carry handle
  • Coil leash (8’x 7mm)
  • Cargo net, patch kit, wheelie backpack for easy transport and storage
  • U.S. finbox compatible w/toolless FCS Connect 9.0” fin for quick setup and breakdown
  • All SIC Air Glide boards are 6” thick
SIC Inflatables are derived from their composite counterpart. This means proven designs translate into the Air-Glide Series for unrivaled performance and convenience. SIC’s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal. Strict quality control ensures that your boards are the best available. We are so confident in our quality construction that SIC offers a 2 Year Warranty on its Air-Glide Series boards.

(DSC,FST, DSW) - DROP STITCH CONSTRUCTION WITH FUSION SKIN AND DOUBLE SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION, two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (15-20 psi max), diamond groove EVA pad, carry handle, surf leash ring, includes coil leash (8’x 7mm), cargo net, patch kit, premium wheelie backpack, U.S. finbox compatible with Weedless 9” (nylon) fin
  • length     11'4"
  • width     30.0"
  • Thickness     6.0"
  • Weight View     21.6 lbs
  • Volume     310 L
All SIC Air-Glide boards feature the highest quality Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) construction. Drop Stitch material is composed of a top and bottom layers of cloth which has hundreds of thousands of fibers that connect the top deck and bottom deck of board. This material is then laminated on the top and bottom cloth with either a single layer PVC (SLS) or a PVC Fusion skin (FST). The better the quality of the DSC material, the stronger the board is under inflation and the less distortion of shape and the boards hold and maintain their shape much better over over time. While much of the drop stitch material appears the same, the quality and consistency of these internal fibers can vary greatly. Quality of materials is a core differentiating factor determining good vs bad quality products/brands. SIC uses only the finest DSC in on all it’s SIC Air-Glide Series boards while applying different material options on the top skin such as SLS and FST.
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