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  • SWX-203716
No assembly or tools needed •14” Wheels - rolling over curbs and sand • Solid rubber tires -... mehr
Produktinformationen "SUP Weels"
No assembly or tools needed

•14” Wheels - rolling over curbs and sand

• Solid rubber tires - never go flat

• Specialized foam covers frame - UV resistant & board safe

• EPDM rubber bungee - UV resistant and extremely strong

• Aluminum axle - salt water resistant, light and strong

• Stainless fasteners  - for outdoor use / salt water resistant

• Up to 90 lbs (40kg), supports 2+ SUP boards on one set of SUP Wheels ®  

   (strap required and coming soon as an option)

• Removable wheels - compact storage (with pegs) or carry on board

• Storage pegs allow you to attach the wheels to the side of the carrier frame.

• Flex frame variable width is 15” (38cm) to 12” (30 cm)

• Flex frame variable height is  6” (15 cm) to 4” (10 cm) - good for race or regular stand up paddle boards.


Will SUP Wheels ® work on the beach (on sand)?
YES, SUP Wheels ® will roll on the beach and on the sand.  See videos on the Video page.

Will SUP Wheels ® work with my board?
YES, SUP Wheels ® will carry any board that tapers down to 15 inches (38cm) wide.  The whole tail does not need to fit into the frame. Yes, SUP Wheels  ® will carry race SUP boards, standard SUP, along with other fin boards.  You only need this one carrier to carry just about any type of SUP board and some kayaks.

Don’t I need fat blow-up tires to work on the beach or sand?
We have eliminated the drawbacks to pneumatic (air or tube) tire wheels.  Pneumatic tires require air to be pumped back into the tire up every time you use them.  By utilizing the 14 inches (35.5 cm) solid rubber tire wheel we have eliminated this issue and retained the ability to roll over sand and over just about any rough terrain. When you get a flat with a pneumatic tire it is going to be when you are trying to transport your board. Now you have to carry your board AND your wheel system. This will never happen with SUP Wheels  ®.

Will I need to assemble SUP Wheels ® or need tools?
NO assembly required.  NO tools required.

Will SUP Wheels ® roll over a standard curb or rocks?
The advantage of the 14 inch (35.5 cm) wheels is that they will roll up or down over a standard curb and other obstacles.  Other carriers with small blow up wheels can’t go up over a curb without you picking up the whole board with the wheels still attached.  If you wanted to do that much work you wouldn’t use a SUP carrier.

Do I need a handle to hold the board?  Do I need a suction cup handle like I have seen on other systems?
A handle is not needed with this system because the majority of weight is transferred to the wheels and not to your hand.  We don’t recommend you put a suction cup handle on your board.

Will the board slip out of my hand if my hands are wet or if I’m going up a hill?
The majority of the weight is transferred to the wheels so the board will not slip out of your hand. When going uphill people have found pushing the board in front gets the best leverage and no issue of slipping.

How do I install the SUP Wheels ® sup cart on my board?
Will the sun damage my SUP Wheels ®?

We have built SUP Wheels ® with very high quality materials for long durability.  The rubber foam is made of a UV resistant NPV material and the bungee cord is UV resistant EPDM rubber to withstand the rigors of outdoors and seawater use.  Like any product we recommend you store SUP Wheels® indoors away from the elements when not in use.

Can I lock up my SUP Wheels ® if I don’t want to take them with me on my board?
Yes, because SUP Wheels ®has a frame and not just a set of straps on an axle.  SUP Wheels ® frame and wheels can be locked up with a normal bike lock or SUP locking system.  Just run the wire through the frame and the wheels then lock them to some solid object such as a lamppost, bench or bike rack. One SUP lock vendor is Dockslocks.

Do I need a different version of SUP Wheels ® to carry my surf SUP vs. Race SUP boards?
SUP Wheels ® will carry both types of SUP boards but it will also carry them both at the same time.

Gratis Einsteiger-Kurs & Try before buy
Denk dran, bei uns bekommst Du immer noch einen Einsteiger Kurs im Wert von CHF 69.- gratis dazu.

Try before you buy! Wer bei uns ein SUP kauft, kann bis zu maximal 3 Mieten bei uns im SUP Center ZUG am Kaufpreis 100% anrechnen!

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Style: Allround, Race
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