Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit Trockenanzug XS

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Highly Refined Design Meets Technical Performance Der beste Trockenanzug am Markt! Für Kiter und... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit Trockenanzug XS"
Highly Refined Design Meets Technical Performance

Der beste Trockenanzug am Markt! Für Kiter und SUPler

Offering greater flexibility than any wetsuit and customizable levels of warmth the SOUL is Ocean Rodeo's premier drysuit for SUPing, Kiting and Sailing. The SOUL features: waterproof breathable material, Captive Zip self entry, crotch relief zip and a removable hood.

Suits ship complete with a free drysuit repair kit and silicon zipper lube.

Sizing questions? View the size chart on the main product page, drop us an email or read this review from iKsurfmag.com!

We stopped putting the harness zipper on the suits awhile ago - you can see that on our website etc.

There are a few reasons we stopped using them. These are the most important ones.


Using the zipper covers the harness. This means you cannot easily access your quick release for your leash, or your hook knife. This is very bad in an emergency!


We found the majority of people use this zipper once, and then do not use it again. It is easier to ride with the harness worn on top of the jacket.

Ocean Rodeo’s waterproof breathable 3 layer material is designed specifically for drysuits, featuring a salt water resistant non-porous, hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) breathable membrane. Extensive testing was undertaken to ensure long lasting resilience against the harsh salt water environment and high pressures encountered by extreme water sports athletes.

200 Denier Nylon/Taslan with DWR finish. The tough outer fabric is coated with DWR to repel water while allowing sweat release from within your suit.

VENTOR works well in both fresh and salt water environments and does not break down with extended salt water use. This is the part of the suit that keeps you dry. It allows sweat vapor out while not letting any water in.

The inside mesh layer helps protect the PU breathable film. This is what you are looking at inside the suit.

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