MB Boards Bobcat Windsurf Foilboard

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BOBCAT Available sizes: XS 99 (board for windsurfers shorter than 170cm) 115, 125, 135, 160... mehr
Produktinformationen "MB Boards Bobcat Windsurf Foilboard"

Available sizes:

XS 99 (board for windsurfers shorter than 170cm)

115, 125, 135, 160


The Bobcat is the most accesible board of the range. The perfect mix of simplicity and performance.

Super stable with a huge confort, The board gives you the opportunity to enlarge your confort zone.

With its unique balance , the board gives you the opportunity to get in the straps before the acceleratrion .

Gets you to planning automatically, you will be as confortable on flat or choppy sea.


The board volume balance with the MB outline, gives you a super smooth carving.


Foil compatible, the board will turn to your perfect freeride flying companion.




- Pads EVA 4mm

=> light, reactive

- Deck and hull of S-glass fibre.

=> Balanced Flex +  impact resistance + maximum comfort

-  longitudinal carbon stripe on the hull.

=> Reactivity, flex control

- Reinforced double bi-axial carbon

=> Choc resistance

- High density PVC Sandwich :

=>   better structural load   + Impact resistance

 - Fibre Glass covered

=> Connexion between core and sandwich

-  EPS Core with closed cells

=> Light, waterproof,  structural support




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