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ENSIS Wing Spin 2022
ENSIS Wing Spin 2022
ENSIS SPIN Balz Freestyle ultra direct, easy rotations, light and hovering The SPIN is a high performance wing for all present and future wing enthusiasts longing to do unlimited tricks and ride waves. The compact wing concept of the...
ab 859.00 CHF *
ENSIS Boardbag Rock'n'Roll 117
ENSIS Boardbag Rock'n'Roll 2021
139.00 CHF *
ENSIS Boardbag TWIST 125
ENSIS Boardbag TWIST 2021
169.00 CHF *
ENSIS Wing SCORE Ab sofort vorbestellen Auslieferung Juni 2021 SCORE amazing power and control, easy manoeuvres, clear view ENSIS SCORE Blue Colors ENSIS SCORE Blue Rendering ENSIS SCORE Orange Rendering The SCORE is for everyone who...
ab 869.00 CHF *
ENSIS Rock'nRoll WingBoard 57
ENSIS Rock'nRoll WingBoard 2021
ENSIS Rock'nRoll WingBoard For anyone who wants to dance on the water. Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy...
ab 1'769.00 CHF *
_ ENSIS TWIST / 1Board 5Sports 95
ENSIS TWIST / 1Board 5Sports 2021
ENSIS TWIST / 1Board 5Sports 5-fold performance with the ENSIS TWIST 1Board5Sports for versatile athletes or the whole family. The revolutionary concave outline brings great advantages in all sports. The wide nose and tail offer...
1'999.00 CHF *
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