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Product GET THE SURF FEELING Komplettset mit Wing, Mast undLeash inkl. Pumpe! Art.-No.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Duotone Foil Wing 4m2 mit Stange und Leash Neu Ausverkauf"

GET THE SURF FEELING Komplettset mit Wing, Mast undLeash inkl. Pumpe!

Art.-No. 44200-3515

A completely new way to enjoy the ocean. Easy to use, easy to learn.


Battens increase the wind range and reduce flutter and drag.

The integrated boom stabilizes the profile and offers unlimited hand placements.

Windows are super helpful and an important safety benefit, whether you‘re cruising around in traffic or surfing swells downwind.

A high performance product, yet simple to use and DUE TO THE LIGHT WEIGHT CONSTRUCTION, A VERY EASY AND SAFE HANDLING.

The Leading Edge and leech design ensure incredible upwind ability.

Enjoy the foil-surf feeling even in flat water.


    2 m²    22-35 ktn  115-175 cm
    3 m²    20-30 ktn  115-175 cm  
     4 m²  14-22 ktn    115-175 cm  
    5 m²   10-17 ktn 115-175 cm

Duotone Foil Wing

By now you’ve seen the videos and heard the news, the Foil Wing is here! All you have to do is give it a try and see how this fun new water sport feels and be one of the first ones to try it. Wings have been around for a while, however, with the evolution of surf foiling they finally offer a totally new way to enjoy the ocean. The Duotone Foil Wing has been in development for a couple of years, and the design team have tested countless prototypes in order to create the perfect shape. During this process, it quickly became apparent that there were numerous advantages to using battens in the wing. They help to keep it rigid, reduce flutter and consequently drag, making it much more efficient. By utilising a boom, you also get unlimited choices of hand placements and a much more rigid connection to the wing itself. This helps with control and power development. The boom is also adjustable so it can be used with all of our foil wings. Particular attention was paid to the leech tension and shape; this area of the wing not only helps with upwind ability but also aids power control when pumping the wing and the foil. The Duotone Foil Wing has been fine-tuned to offer excellent responsiveness to rider input, and it is also incredibly light, giving you plenty of control on the water. The Duotone Foil Wing is taking foiling in a new direction where the only boundaries are your own imagination. All that is left for you is to take flight and enjoy the ride!
 True Quotes
Duotone Foil Wing

Sky Solbach
“The foil wing is an amazing tool for riding waves, flying upwind and downwind and gliding effortlessly through tacks and jibes. The magic of the foil wing is that it’s free- floating, which means you can turn it off at will when surfing a swell or carving a flat water 360. You get the feeling of surf foiling in any conditions - even flat water!”

“The new Foil Wing is my new obsession… since my first try on flat water in light winds just getting to grips with the wing to now riding fun swells and little waves, i cannot get enough of it. The solid boom gives me total control as well as great bottom end and more stable top end to give me the perfect solution to the generally up and down wind conditions we get here in Europe.”
Nik Baker

Klaas Voget
“Surf foiling is the purest and most direct form of riding a hydrofoil. The Foil Wing brings that same feeling into the flats and turns pretty much every spot into surf foiling territory – even if it’s dead flat! And if there’s waves – it saves you the paddling and pumping. All it needs is a little breeze and you’re flying!”

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